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Create Sustainable Profitability and Increase Your Positive Impact

Create an effective sustainability strategy, action plan, and communication plan for your company through our online program.

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S U P E R   P L A N : 

The Program for Accelerating Your Sustainability Journey

Our online program creates a cost-effective process that builds internal competence and anchors sustainability in the company.

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Some of Your Business Wins

Increase Profitability

Build your team's capacity and gain a competitive advantage using sustainable innovation as a driver for growth and leadership. Reduce costs and remove inefficiencies along the way.

Expand Beneficial Impact

Strategic sustainability work is a driver for contributing to your community and the world as a whole – in ways that are relevant to your company, employees and stakeholders.

Minimize Business Risks

Avoid risk factors like losing new contracts, not complying with new laws and not being able to attract and retain talent. Ultimately avoiding the risk of losing market shares.

Increase Sustainable Investments

Strategic sustainability work enables increased green capital flows. You also avoid the risk of losing existing investors due to increased ESG requirements. 

Kickstart Sustainability Reporting & ISO Certification

The sustainability strategy in the program is based on the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) Standards and the ISO 14000 series – so that you can utilize your work in possible future processes.



How Super Plan Benefits Your Sustainability Initiative

Shift from Being Reactive to Being Strategic

Shift from putting out fires and constantly needing to react to new customer demands, laws, and regulations to having a strategy and action plan, and working proactively to increase profitability.

Develop Competence and Save Time

Shift from feeling like you don't fully know what to do to learning how you can accelerate your sustainability journey using proven processes, templates, instructions, and curated information.

Engage Your Team and Anchor Sustainability

Shift from sustainability being run by one or a few employees or consultants to engaging your team and anchoring sustainability in company leadership, processes, mindset, culture, and values.

Stop Guessing by Basing Decisions in Analysis

Shift from guessing what you should do to having clarity of your current circumstance through our processes and templates for your Impact Analysis, Stakeholder Analysis, and External Analysis.

Communicate Without Greenwashing

Shift from greenhushing or greenwashing to having an optimal balance between taking action and communicating, and thereby creating an optimal return from your sustainability initiative.

Get Support From Experts and Peers

Shift from being alone with your questions and thinking you need to have all the answers to being supported by a network of experts and other people passionate to create sustainable businesses.

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O U R   M I S S I O N :

To Accelerate the Transition to a Sustainable Thriving World

We are passionately driven by our mission to help you and the world thrive.

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Some We've Had the Fortune to Work With

Here's a selection of businesses and organizations we've had the fortune to help with strategies, communication, change processes, education and coaching (including in collaboration with The Natural Step and Futerra):

A Selection of Testimonials

Charlotte Bladh André


"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Erik. His passion to support organizations to contribute to the world through his skills is clearly evident in all he does. He always shows up with total reliability, great cheer and empowered relating, always honoring commitments and delivering exceptional work!"

Pia Stenman


"Our collaboration has worked really well from the first moment. Mikaela has been my coach and sounding board that I have been able to turn to for help and take part of her competent advice and tips. I can highly recommend Mikaela who has great skills."

Steffie Broer


"With Erik you know, whatever he gets his hands on will be delivered to an exceptional standard. His ethics and clarity are impeccable and will surely set him on a journey of ever-increasing success. A great fortune for everyone he works with and for! May you bring more and more benefit to the world, Erik."

Bo Svedberg


“During the spring, Mikaela has excellently assisted Ecoloop. We clearly see how her focus on the task, high competence, and vital ability to inspire and engage make us better. Together with Mikaela, we become even stronger and can create positive change! We support and wholeheartedly applaud her work in assisting companies in their sustainability work.”

Accelerate Your Sustainability Journey

Explore how you can accelerate your journey to a sustainable business using our online program.

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