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To Accelerate the Transition to a Sustainable Thriving World

We are passionate about being a driving force in the most important transformation for humanity. We see companies as an essential part of this shift, especially in unlocking the great potential of innovation and entrepreneurship to create new solutions. Because the systems that created the problems cannot solve them.

Meet the Super Leadership Team

Mikaela Schain and Erik Rosin have 35+ years of combined experience in strategic sustainability work. For example helping companies with strategies, business development, change processes, education, coaching, and communication.

Mikaela Schain


For 20 years, my commitment to sustainable development has been the driving force behind all my work. And as global sustainability challenges have become greater and clearer, my commitment has grown. I want to contribute all my skills and energy to make our world sustainable in every way.

We need to create a resilient world and business where people, profitability and innovation flourish in a sustainable way. How we can transform the world together excites me and is the core and driving force in my work.

My work at Super is based on a belief in people's capacity and ability to find solutions to complex problems and challenges, as well as an understanding of what is needed to create the change that is desired. I love supporting our customers to work strategically and see how they gain strength and momentum as a result of the strategic work.

I offer services in sustainable business development, sustainability and climate strategies, business environment analysis, process management, policies and management systems, circular economy and innovation, Agenda 2030, calculation and investigation in climate, environment and energy, coaching and education.

Erik Rosin


We are at a historical point in time where we can change the course of humanity.

For over 15 years, I have been passionate about using my talents in strategic sustainability, entrepreneurship, and communication to contribute to an awesome world where we thrive, together with all beings.

I love working with companies that want to be an active part of the solution.

I love to help create the strategy and plan for how to expand my clients' impact and income.

And I love to help execute the strategy through effective change processes and communication.

All that contributes to the end goal – a sustainable fantastic world – is a great passion of mine.



Selected Clients

Here's a selection of clients we've had the fortune to help with strategies, communication, change processes, education and coaching (including in collaboration with The Natural Step and Futerra):

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